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Welcome to St Lucia on the Paradise Islands website. The island is one of the Windward Caribbean islands and lies north of Saint Vincent and 21 miles south of Martinique (it's closest neighbour) and around 90 miles northwest of the island of Barbados.

The Pitons St Lucia


The island is volcanic, some 27 miles long and 14 miles wide with a mountainous interior. A central mountain range spans the length of the island (the highest point is Mount Gimie at 950 metres / 3,120 feet) and the interior of the island is covered in lush rainforest; with a flatter area in the north where the majority of the island's hotels are located.

The most notable landmarks are the Pitons (Gros Piton (797 metres) and Petit Piton (750 metres)) close to the town of Soufriere in the southwest of the island. The Pitons, now dormant volcanoes, are one of the most famous landmarks in the Caribbean region. (See also the active Soufriere Volcano of the same name on the island of Montserrat). Saint Lucia also boasts plenty of white sandy beaches and some spectacular scenery.

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In common with most Caribbean islands the popular tourism season is from December to May with peaks at Christmas and Easter due to the warm drier climate in the winter months. Visitors should keep in mind that this is a mountainous island covered in lush rainforest and the local climate is wetter than most islands and can be quite unpredictable.

Marigot Bay St Lucia

Most tourists to Saint Lucia arrive by cruise ship in the main town of Castries. Popular attractions and excursions include the drive-in Soufriere Volcano (Sulphur Springs) near the town of Soufriere, the Pitons, Marigot Bay (location of the 1967 movie Doctor Doolittle) and the Diamond Botanical Gardens.

This Caribbean gem was discovered by Columbus in 1499 and the first attempt to colonise the island was by the British in 1605 and then by the French in 1667. For the next 150 years the island changed hands several times. St Lucia gained independence in 1979. 

Diamond Botanical Gardens St Lucia

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