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Welcome to Trinidad on the Paradise Islands website. Trinidad is the larger of the two islands which together make up the country of Trinidad and Tobago. Trinidad is the southernmost of the islands and lies just seven miles north of Venezuela. Trinidad is also the most southerly of the Caribbean Windward island chain and one of the largest islands in the West Indies at more than 1,800 square miles. There are a further 21 smaller islands within the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago.



Both Trinidad and Tobago were discovered by Christopher Columbus on his third voyage in 1498. Trinidad was named after the Holy Trinity and remained in Spanish hands until 1797 when the island surrendered to a British blockage of 18 warships. The two islands of Trinidad and Tobago were incorporated into a crown colony in 1888 which eventually obtained self governing status in 1958; which in turn led to independence in 1976 when Trinidad and Tobago became a republic.

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Unlike most of the smaller Caribbean islands, Trinidad does not rely on tourism. There are very few resort areas. The island is quite industrialised with a diverse economy including the export of oil and natural gas with some large natural mineral reserves. Petroleum and Petrochemicals are the largest sources of income, followed by agriculture including the export of citrus and coca.

Maracas Bay Lookout Trinidad

The population of Trinidad is 1.2 million and the capital is Port-of-Spain in the north. Other large towns include San Fernando and Chaguanas. The official language is English (although all islanders speak a local Creole) and the official currency is the Trinidad and Tobago dollar. Trinidad is the birthplace of calypso music and famous for the invention of the acoustic instrument steelpan.
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