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Welcome to the Dominican Republic on the Paradise Islands website. The Dominican Republic shares two thirds of the island of Hispaniola with the other third belonging to Haiti. The island of Hispaniola is one of only two in the Caribbean which share nations (Sint Maarten and St Martin being the other).

The Dominican Republic is located in the Greater Antilles archipelago and is the second largest Caribbean island nation after the Republic of Cuba. The Dominican Republic lies south east of the tip of Florida and just west of Puerto Rico.

Punta Cana Dominican Republic


The Dominican Republic was discovered by Christopher Columbus in 1492 on his first of four voyages to the Americas. The capital Santo Domingo was the site of the very first European settlement in the Caribbean constructed from 1496 onwards. Columbus named the island "La Espanola" and claimed it for Spain. Columbus was actually buried in Santo Domingo when he died in 1506.

Cathedral of Santa Maria La Menor Santo Domingo

National Palace Santo Domingo

Cathedral of Santa Maria La Menor

National Palace Santo Domingo


After 300 years of mostly Spanish rule, the Dominican Republic gained it's independence in 1821. The following century was no less turbulent with a civil war, Spanish rule again for a while and the US occupation between 1916 and 1924. A final civil war took place in 1965 followed by authoritarian rule and since 1978 the island nation has slowly been moving towards stability and democratic rule.

El Limon Waterfall Dominican Republic

The economy today is driven by mining, agriculture and tourism and the Dominican Republic is now the Caribbean's largest tourist destination. A fast growing country and the second largest economy in the Caribbean after Trinidad and Tobago.

The best known and major tourist area is Punta Cana in the far eastern tip of the Dominican Republic. There is a dedicated airport, Punta Cana International, which is the largest on the island catering for almost 4 million passengers annually.
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