Marigot Bay St Lucia

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The tiny Marigot Bay has been described as "The most beautiful bay in the Caribbean" by the celebrated author James Michener and it rightly deserves to be one of the top attractions in Saint Lucia. Located roughly a third of the way down the west coast about 20 miles south from the capital of Castries; no visit to the island would be complete without stopping off at here.

Marigot Bay St Lucia


Marigot itself is quite small with a cluster of select hotels, guesthouses and a few restaurants and bars. The road down to the lagoon has a couple of shops, but there is no real town or village centre here. At the top of the road there is a cafe, shop and look out point where visitors can sample some of Saint Lucia's unusual cuisine including Banana Ketchup! Unfortunately many island tours going down to the Pitons area only get as far as stopping at the look out point. You need to get down into Marigot to appreciate it's natural beauty.




The sheltered bay on the Caribbean Sea side of Saint Lucia forms a lagoon which is the island's best protected natural harbour. Usually bustling with local and visiting yachts, the azure blue lagoon is surrounded by beautiful steeply forested slopes; dotted by guest houses and villas.

At the entrance to the lagoon is a small sandy peninsula with coconut palms. It may seem slightly familiar from childhood memories? It was the film set location for the original 1967 "Doctor Doolittle" movie starring Rex Harrison. Here was the shipwreck and the Great Pink Sea Snail (anyone under the age of 50 reading this has probably lost interest)! Other movies shot at Marigot Bay include "Fire Power" staring Sophia Loren and "Water" starring Michael Caine.

Marigot Bay


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