Diamond Botanical Gardens St Lucia

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The Diamond Botanical Gardens are situated close to the town of Soufriere on the west coast of St Lucia. The gardens were laid out and planting only began in 1983; however, the warm temperate climate promotes fast growth and you could be forgiven for thinking that the gardens are much older.

Diamond Botanical Gardens

Heleconia Diamond Botanical

Diamond Waterfall

Heleconia (Lobster Claw)


Located in a sheltered gorge at the foot of the Pitons, the gardens feature a fine waterfall and mineral baths which are fed directly from the dormant volcano sulphur springs and underground hot springs. The mineral baths have been on the site since 1784 and it was believed that the waters had therapeutic powers for those suffering from rheumatism, respiratory complaints and ulcers. King Louis XVI of France was convinced and allocated funds to build a bath house with twelve stone baths.



Also on the site of the Diamond Botanical Gardens is a nature trail, old mill and waterwheel. The mill and waterwheel were built in 1765 and used to crush sugar cane. After the collapse of the sugar industry the mill was utilised for crushing limes to make lime oil and later provided electricity by hydroelectric power for the village of Soufriere.

Etlinger elatior (Pink Torch Ginger)

Diamond Botanical Gardens St Lucia

* Etlinger elatior (Pink Torch Ginger)

Mineral Waters


Passengers on visiting cruise ships can book a day's shore excursion (6 to 7 hours) which will take in the delights of the Diamond Botanical Gardens, the majestic Pitons, a visit to the Soufriere Volcano (sulphur springs), lunch in Soufriere and a stop at Marigot Bay midway on the rainforest road which runs down the western side of St Lucia.

* The Etlinger elatior is one of the most beautiful tropical flowers. These "Pink Torch Gingers" can reach a height
of more than fifteen feet and each flower grows on it's own five foot stalk which is set off by deep green foliage.

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