Rodney Bay St Lucia

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The Rodney Bay area is located to the northern end of St Lucia and is the main area for hotels and tourism on the island. Interestingly, it's located about a far away from the International Airport as you could get, with a long journey for visitors arriving and departing St Lucia.

Pigeon Island St Lucia


Rodney Bay is a man made lagoon and marina with many upmarket hotels, shops, night clubs, cafes and restaurants. Most styles of cuisine and available in the Rodney Bay area including St Lucian cuisine, which centres around fish, fruit, vegetables, rice and stewed dishes; often as a curry or containing jerk sauce. A local favourite is "Coal Pot" and "Meat Rotis".
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Nearby is the town of Gros Islet which is famous for it's "jump-in" Friday night street parties where locals and visitors join together to party and barbecue. Gros Islet also features a new cricket ground, the Beausejour centre hosts one day internationals and Test cricket matches.

Just north of Rodney Bay is Cap Point and Pigeon Island. Pigeon Island is not actually and island, but linked to the mainland by a narrow strip of land which is mostly taken up by the Sandals Hotel resort. Pigeon Island National Park and Fort Rodney are a popular and quiet distraction from Rodney Bay.

Rodney Bay St Lucia

Fort Rodney St Lucia

Rodney Bay St Lucia

Fort Rodney


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The main tourist season is November to Easter which coincides with the "dry season" which runs from January to April; however, Saint Lucia is a lush mountainous island which has unpredictable weather and more rain than many other Caribbean Islands. The Rodney Bay area, being flatter and further north, does miss much of the rain which contributes to the lush rainforest further south.

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