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St Lucia is said to have the only "drive-in" volcano in the world! The road runs right up to and through the crater of the Soufriere Volcano. Also known locally as the "sulphur springs", it has become a major tourist attraction.

The crater emits steam and sulphur with boiling mud and water bubbling away just a few metres from the tourists (beware of the smell of rotten eggs!) behind a wooden fence that would appear to offer absolutely no protection should the volcano erupt. The last eruption occurred in the late eighteenth century and the volcano is considered to be dormant; unlike the highly active Soufriere Volcano of the same name on the island of Montserrat.

Sulpur Springs St Lucia


Until quite recently you would have been allowed to walk over the crater which is covered in a thin crust. Unfortunately, one of the volcano guides fell in and now visitors are requested to stay behind the fence.

There is a stream running through the crater and a little further down are bathing pools which are reputed to have therapeutic qualities for the skin.

The sulphur springs emit a mixture of iron, calcium oxide, sulphur, copper oxide, carbon and magnesium to create the pungent smell and stain the rocks a green colour. Molten volcanic lava is not part of the toxic mix; otherwise the carter would not be safe to visit.

St Lucia Volcano

Soufriere Volcano St Lucia

Boiling mud and steam

Hot sulphur spring


Overall an interesting place to visit. Where else can you drive to a volcano, park up and walk a few steps to the crater floor? Visiting cruise ship passengers can book a full day shore excursion (6 to 7 hours) which will take in the Soufriere Volcano (sulphur springs), the Pitons, a walk in the Diamond Botanical Gardens, lunch in Soufriere and a stop at Marigot Bay. The trip down the west coast road through the rainforest takes a couple of hours from Castries via Anse La Raye (image) and these excursions are easily the most popular in St Lucia.

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