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The island lies 13 miles north of Virgin Gorda and north west of Anguilla. Anegada is the only coral isle in the British Virgin Island chain (the rest of the BVI are all volcanic). The photo below shows an aerial shot of the west end of the island with the Flamingo Pond in the centre.



Anegada was named by the Spanish and it's name means "Drowned Land". A popular haunt with pirates in years gone by with over 200 wrecks surrounding the island; and before then there is evidence of aboriginal / Arawak settlements.

Anegada Beach
Lobster lunch on Anegada The island has a number of fine white sandy beaches and is popular with tourist and visiting yachts. The isle is protected by the Horseshoe Reef and has a number of beautiful beaches including Flash of Beauty, Bones Bright and Cow Wreck Beach.
The interior of the BVI island has many saltwater ponds, mangrove swaps and mud flaps which are home to many exotic birds. There are also natural fresh water springs. The main town is called the Settlement, located in the east end of Anegada island. Taking it easy on Anegada
Today many of the locals are fishermen and the island population is only a few hundred.

The Caribbean isle is eleven miles long and just three miles wide with the highest point on Anegada only 28 feet above sea level. The island is surrounded by an 18 mile long Horseshoe Reef which is popular with divers and for snorkeling.

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Anegada Harbour

Lower Bay


Lobster holding cage

Preparing the Lobster

A local fisherman brings fresh lobster from a holding cage in the harbour and prepares the lobster on the dock

Anegada Map

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Main Town
The Settlement

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15 Square Miles


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