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Guana Island

Above photo of Guana Island from high above Rouges Bay in Tortola. The isle is a privately owned resort of around 850 acres of outstanding natural beauty. The isle is hilly and covered in tropical forest and has seven small beaches. See more island photos. Guana is conveniently located just north of the East End of Tortola in the British Virgin Islands and close by to the airport on the neighbouring Beef Island.
One of the seven beaches on Guana Island Guana and Josiahas Bay Tortola


Above Left: One of the seven fine beaches on the isle (White Bay). Above right: View over Josiahas Bay in Tortola showing the beaches on Guana Island.

The resort has been in private ownership for over seventy years and was purchased by the current owners in 1975. Henry and Gloria Jarecki preside over an exclusive resort which has no public access and rarely more than thirty guests at any time. The island has been slowly and sympathetically developed over the last thirty years so as not to intrude on spectacular natural island scenery.


Guana Island - British Virgin Islands

Guana is one of only a few private resort islands in the BVI along with Necker Island, Peter Island and the new Moskito Island (currently under development).

Guana from above

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