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Virgin islands

British Virgin Islands


Virgin Gorda

Jost Van Dyke

Peter Island

Necker Island


Norman Island
Virgin Islands British Virgin Islands Tortola Virgin Gorda Jost Van Dyke Peter Necker Anegada Norman



Anegada Island Necker Island Moskito Island Prickley Pear Island Eustasia Island Virgin Gorda BVI Tortola BVI Jost Van Dyke Island Seal Dog Islands BVI Dog Islands BVI Marina Cay BVI Guana Island BVI Little Camanoe Island Scrub Island BVI Green Cay BVI Sandy Spit BVI Sandy Cay BVI Cooper Island BVI Peter Island Resort Dead Chest Island Pelican Island BVI Norman Island BVI BVI Map

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British Virgin Islands aerial photographs
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The British Virgin Islands comprise the main isles of Tortola and Virgin Gorda and around sixty smaller atolls including Jost Van Dyke, Anegada and the resort islands of Necker and Peter; which are all part of the Caribbean Leeward Islands. The BVI has some of the best known sailing waters in the World; attracting thousands of private yachts and boats who come to explore the secrets of the island chain. Gems such as Norman (the inspiration for the novel "Treasure Island") and Cooper are waiting to be explored.

The isles were discovered by Christopher Columbus on his 2nd voyage to the "New World" in 1493. Columbus did not drop anchor here, but sailed past and named them after Saint Ursula and her eleven thousand virgin followers. He sighted and named St Croix ("Santa Cruz"); Virgin Gorda, Tortola and Peter Island ("San Pedro").

Columbus was headed for Puerto Rico with 17 ships and over 1,000 men to establish a permanent settlement and convert the natives of Puerto Rico to Christianity. In the prior year, on his first voyage to the New World, he lost one of his ships and Columbus was forced to leave some of his crew behind on the isle of Hispaniola. When he returned on his second voyage, all the crew had been slaughtered by the native Caribs. The BVI were not settled until the Dutch established the first settlement on Tortola in 1662.

Guana Island British Virgin Islands


Sandy Spit British Virgin Islands

Sandy Spit

Dead Chest Island British Virgin Islands

Dead Chest

Moskito Island British Virgin Islands


Marina Cay British Virgin islands

Marina Cay

Scrub Island British Virgin Islands


Green Cay British Virgin Islands

Green Cay

Little Camanoe British Virgin Islands

Little Camanoe

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