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The United States Virgin Islands lie east of Puerto Rico and comprise the main islands of St Thomas, St Croix & St John and numerous smaller atolls including Water Island, Buck Island and Hans Lollik. The United States Virgin Islands are part of the Caribbean Leeward Islands. The USVI has some of the best known sailing waters in the World; attracting thousands of private yachts and boats annually.

The islands were first spotted by Columbus on his 2nd trip to the West Indies in 1493. Christopher Columbus sailed the waters and named the isles in memory of  St Ursula and her 11,000 virgin followers. This 2nd voyage to the Caribbean he didn't stop at the "Islas Virgines", but he spotted and named St Croix (Columbus called "Santa Cruz") and the BVI isles of Virgin Gorda, Tortola & Peter Island.

Christopher Columbus was heading for the neighbouring island Hispaniola (Puerto Rico / Haiti) with a fleet of ships and settlers to try and establish a permanent settlement on Hispaniola. The previous year, Columbus had lost a ship in a storm and he leave many of his crew behind on the island of Puerto Rico. In 1493 he returned and found that all of his crew had be slaughtered by the natives.

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St Thomas Map

Map of St Croix USVI

St John Map

Charlotte Amalie St Thomas

Charlotte Amalie

St Thomas Cruise Port

Cruise Port St Thomas

Cruz Bay St John

Cruz Bay St John

Trunk Bay St John

Trunk Bay St John

Buck Island St Croix

Buck Island St Croix