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Welcome to Mustique Island on the Paradise Islands website. Mustique island is part of the St Vincent and Grenadines group of islands and lies 18 miles south of St Vincent. Mustique island is 3 miles long and 1.5 miles wide, approx 14,000 acres. The island is privately owned by The Mustique Company which in turn is owned by way of share ownership by most the island's private home owners.

Macaroni Bay Mustique


There are less than 90 privately owned luxury villas of which about two thirds are available to rent. As well as private villas, Mustique has a West Indian style hotel, "The Cotton Club" and a small guest house called the Firefly overlooking Britannia Bay.

One of Mustique's best known haunts is Basil's Bar which offers a perfect setting for villa owners and island guests to enjoy causal drinks and food at the water's edge. The water front is the island's focal point on Britannia Bay where you will find Basil's Bar, a few small shops and island services and the quaint gingerbread houses.
Gingerbread Houses on Mustique

The first settlers were Arawaks in the 16th Century and later Europeans in the 1740's settled to grow sugar. Mustique was once a favourite hiding place for Caribbean pirates.

The island of Mustique was purchased by Colin Tennant in the late fifties for $67,500. In 1960 he gifted a 10 acre plot to Princess Margaret as a wedding present. During the 60's and 70's Mustique became a World famous and exclusive hideaway for the rich and famous including royalty, and film and fashion celebrities.

Simplicity Beach Mustique


In 1968 the Mustique Company was formed to develop the island with no more than 120 private homes. To this day some plots still remain available to purchase on Mustique.
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Britannia Bay Mustique

Britannia Bay

Basil's Bar Mustique

Basil's Bar

Water Front Mustique

Water Front

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Aerial Photo

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