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Whaling was introduced in Bequia by a Scot named William Wallace in the 1870's. He hunted Humpback whales and operated from Friendship Bay in the south of the island and shortly after he started the business another French operation began on the tiny neighbouring island of Petit Nevis.

Hauling in the Whale

Bequia Whaling
Today only a small Whale fishery exists and one small boat crew still hunts Whales. Whales are rarely caught and cause much excitement from the locals and visitors alike. The International Whaling Commission allows Bequia's traditional whalers to catch two or three Humpback Whales a year. We have chosen not to feature more graphic images of a custom which is widely condemned by the rest of the World.


Bequia Whaling Museum

The Athneal Ollivierre Whaling Museum. Whaling has taken place for 130 years and is part of the culture of the island. In the late eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries whale meat was a staple food for Bequia's population and provided valuable nutrition. 

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