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Bequia Island, Grenadines - Moonhole

Moonhole Bequia
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The "Moonhole" is a large natural arch on the western tip of Bequia. The original dwellings were built by Tom Johnson in the 1960's directly below the arch; however, rock falls proved too dangerous for continued occupation. The name apparently derives from the fact that the Moon can be seen through the arch at certain times of the month. 


Moon Hole
There are some 20 or more dwellings on the site; some abandoned, some occupied and some used as unique holiday rentals. All the rooms are open to the elements with no windows or doors and tree roots are allowed to grow through the rooms. So, if you are looking for something a little bit different from your vacation home, then the Moonhole may well be what you are seeking; a back to nature experience.

Moonhole Bequia Grenadines

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