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The tiny island of Bequia is blessed with some fine white sandy beaches. The most famous of which is Princess Margaret's Beach which is located just beyond the Belmont Walkway and within an easy walk of Port Elizabeth and Admiralty bay (see bottom photo). Also within Admiralty and a little further away is the superb Lower Bay (see photo above). Lower has a long stretch of golden sand and at one end of the cove is a small fishing village. Other amenities include a beach bar, hotel, a few shops and some rental villas and apartments.

Spring Bay Bequia

Industry Bay Bequia
Spring and Industry bays are next to one another on the Eastern side of the island. This is the quieter and more remote Atlantic side of Bequia where you will find a few rental villas, former sugar plantations and not much else apart from the spectacular scenery. The name "Industry Bay" is a bit of a mystery since there is no heavy industry on the island.


Friendship Bay Bequia

Friendship Bay is located on the south side of the island with a horseshoe of fine white sand. It is good for snorkeling, diving and sailing and home the the Friendship Bay Hotel which has a beach bar.

Other beaches not featured include Adams, Shark, Moonhole, Bullet, Park and Hope bays.

Princess Margaret Beach

Princess Margaret Beach is located on the south side of Admiralty Bay, just beyond the Belmont walkway and the shops and harbour front of Port Elizabeth. Named obviously after the Princess who once swam at the beach. A beautiful spot to relax and take in the activity of the bustling yachts anchored in the cove. 

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Bequia Map

Bequia Map

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Model Boat Building

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