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Bequia Island, Grenadines - Hamilton Fort

The view from Hamilton Fort overlooking Admiralty Bay Bequia
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The remains of Hamilton Fort in Bequia provide a fantastic view over Admiralty Bay towards Port Elizabeth and Princes Margaret Beach. The old fort lies to the north of Admiralty Bay and was built in the late 18th Century by the French who fortified the site to protect the harbour approach from the English.

Hamilton Fort Bequia

Cannon at Hamilton Fort
Little now remains of the original gun battery except for a few French and English cannon which have been re-mounted here. The cannon are among many guns salvaged from the waters around Bequia. In truth there is not much to see of the 18th Century fort; however, the walk from Port Elizabeth is made worthwhile by the amazing views.

Nearby off the waterfront road, the old village of Hamilton nestles into the hillside with it's colourful houses and tiny Roman Catholic church. 

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