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Here are some more islands scenes for around Bequia. Above is the attractive Belmont Walkway which runs along the southern side of Admiralty Bay and links Port Elizabeth with Princess Margaret's Beach.

Carpenters House on Bequia

Rastafarian's House in Port Elizabeth, Bequia


Bequia Easter Sailing Regatta

Bequia Sailing Regatta
Like most Caribbean Islands, Bequia has it's fair share of quaint ramshackle homes and buildings. Above are photos of a Carpenters house and a Rastafarian home in Port Elizabeth.
The Bequia Sailing Regatta is held at Easter and attracts many local and visiting boats. The Regatta is held in Admiralty Bay, Friendship Bay and Lower Bay areas. Racing all manner of craft from fishing boats, coconut and gum boats; the festivities begin on Good Friday and finish on Easter Monday.

The Bequia Easter Sailing Regatta is organised by the Bequia Sailing Club and the event has been held every year since 1967.
Almond Point Reef Bequia

Underwater photograph taken at Almond Point Reef near Bequia, St Vincent and the Grenadine Islands

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Port Elizabeth Bequia

Port Elizabeth

Admiralty Bay

Admiralty Bay

Bequia Map

Bequia Map

Bequia Beaches

Bequia Beaches

Hamilton Fort Bequia

Hamilton Fort

Moonhole Bequia


Bequia Whaling


Model Boat Building on Bequia

Model Boat Building