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Sopers Hole Tortola

Aerial view of Soper's Marina. Soper's Hole Marina is located on Frenchman's Cay at the west end of Tortola. It is one of the most attractive marinas in the BVI and the harbour is popular with tourists as well as visiting yachts. Frenchman's Cay is joined to the main island of Tortola by a sand bar and small bridge.


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Sopers Marina, Tortola

Sopers Marina, Tortola, British Virgin Islands. The 'port' was established at some time before 1615 by the Dutch privateer Joost van Dyk (an official "pirate", authorised to raid and plunder). The British Pirate Blackbeard (whose real name was Edward Teach) made his home here at Soper's Hole between 1715 and 1718. Blackbeard conducted raids on other ships from his base here using the Jolly Roger.


Sopers Hole Shops

One of the many colourful painted shops at Sopers Hole. There is wide choice of restaurants, bars and shops at the harbour.

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