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Falmouth - Antigua

Falmouth, Falmouth Harbour and Windward Beach Antigua. Falmouth Harbour is on the south coast of Antigua close to Nelson' Dockyard in English Harbour. Nelson's Dockyard is a short walk and you can see a small section of English Harbour in the centre right of the above photograph. The walk takes you over the narrow peninsula known as the "middle ground".


Falmouth was the first settlement on Antigua set up by the British (we believe around 1632). Today Falmouth is a quiet village surrounded by old sugar plantations and mills with the main historic building of interest being St Paul's Church. The building was once used as the island's court house. St Paul's Church dates from 1676, which precedes Fort Berkeley (just over the middle ground) by 28 years (1704) and Nelson's Dockyard by 49 years (1725).

The main centre of activity in Falmouth Harbour is on the eastern side of the large horse-shoe bay where the shops, restaurants and marina are located. At the bottom left of the above aerial photograph is Windward Beach (just one of Antigua's impressive 365 beaches).

Falmouth Harbour Antigua

Falmouth Harbour is a popular destination for many of the world's super yachts including Bill Gates of Microsoft fame who is a regular visitor. Of course, his yacht does not have port holes, it has w*****s!

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