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Dickenson Bay Antigua

The Dickenson Bay area is the main resort in Antigua located in the north west corner of the island about three miles from the capital of St John's. The bay offers all manner of water sports including windsurfing, water skiing, sailing, parasailing, snorkeling and jet ski rental.

Sandals Resort Dickenson Bay Antigua Warri Pier Antigua


Dickenson Bay is the home of the Dolphin centre, many cafes and restaurants, the Warri Pier and some fine hotels. Dickinson Bay is one of the most popular beaches on Antigua with powder white sand and calm waters for swimming. Just off shore there are a few small uninhabited islands and a mile long coral reef.

Resort hotels on Dickenson Bay include Sandals (photo above left), the Antigua Village, Halcyon Cove (with the Warri Pier - photo above right and below) and the Siboney Beach Resort.

Warri Pier Dickenson Bay Antigua


For cruise visitors who are just spending the day the beach is a good option, or for those seeking something more educational we would highly recommend Nelson's Dockyard.

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