Nail Bay Virgin Gorda
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Nail Bay Virgin Gorda

Nail Bay is now a luxury resort community covering around 148 acres on the western side of Virgin Gorda. The resort includes a hotel, vacation villas and apartments built on the hillside below Gorda Peak National Park. There are three small sandy beaches which are mostly deserted and offering good snorkeling.

Nail Bay and neighbouring Long Bay are generally off the tourist route and provide great walking and local bird watching including herons, sandpipers turnstones and blacknecked stilts. The beaches are lined with mangroves and seagrapes with a steep wooded backdrop.

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Beach at Nail Bay

Nail Bay

Above the cove you will find the Nail Bay Ruins which consist of plantation buildings and the remains of an old sugar factory. The slopes above Nail were once covered with sugarcane and worked by slaves. There would have once been a slave village, possibly on the site of the current resort or slightly further up the hill.     

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