Frigate Birds on Barbuda
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Frigate Birds

Frigate Birds on the island of Barbuda. Frigate Birds are an endangered species and Barbuda has on of the most important nesting sites in the world; the Frigate Bird Sanctuary is located at Codrington Lagoon on the northwest part of Barbuda which is only accessible by boat. The picture depicts mating Frigate Birds nesting in the mangrove swamps. The male bird puffs up his huge red breast in an attempt to attract a female mate. The Frigate Birds mating season is from September to April.

Barbuda is home to some 5,000 Frigate Birds which can have a wingspan of up to five feet. These birds are adapt flyers but they are unable to either walk or swim. Their main source of food is fish and other Frigate Birds will attack in the air in an attempt to get they fellow birds to drop their catch.   


Frigate Bird Sanctuary Barbuda

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