Nelson's Dockyard Harbour

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Nelson's Dockyard Aerial Photograph

The Yacht Harbour at Nelson's Dockyard Antigua. Nelson's Dockyard incorporates a World class yacht harbour. The harbour hosts a boat show every December and the Antigua sailing week is hosted annually in April. This aerial photograph of Nelson's Dockyard was taken during the 2005 Oyster Marine yacht regatta and shows most of the main buildings including the Copper and Lumber Store (bottom right), the Officers Quarters (centre right), the Pay Office (top right) and in the centre bottom the roof of the Naval Officer House can be seen (now the Dockyard Museum). The buildings on the left have yet to be restored.


Officers Quarters Nelson's Dockyard


The Officer Quarters at Nelson's Dockyard were built around 1810. Upstairs are a row of rooms used for housing ship's officers during the hurricane season or when ships were being repaired. On the ground floor there are 12 water cisterns holding some 1,200 tons of water. Today the Naval Officers Quarters are used for restaurants and shops.

Pitch and Tar Store Nelson's Dockyard

Pay Office Nelson's Dockyard

Pitch and Tar Store

Pay Office


Pay Office and Commissioner's Room, Nelson's Dockyard, Antigua. The Pay Office was built in 1807 on the top floor of this building which also shared space with the Commissioner's Room on the south side. The ground floor was used as storage. The Pay Office stands at the end of the wharf with views over English Harbour towards Fort Berkeley. Today the building houses four shops servicing the yacht marina and day trip tourist.

Nelson's Dockyard main buildings: Naval Officers House (1855), Officers Quarters (1810), Cordage and Canvas Store (begun in 1778), Copper and Lumber Store (1789), the Boat House and Joiners Loft (1778), Pay Office (1807), the Boat House and Sail Loft (1796), Seaman's Gallery (1778) and the Pitch and Tar Store (1788).

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Nelson's Dockyard Museum

Museum Building

Copper and Lumber Store Nelson's Dockyard Antigua

Copper Lumber

Nelson's Dockyard Marina


Boat House and Sail Loft, Nelson's Dockyard, Antigua

Boat House

Aerial Photograph English Harbour Antigua

Aerial View

Shirley Heights Antigua

Shirley Heights

Fort Berkeley Antigua

Fort Berkeley